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Taking a sufficient amount of protein is of utmost importance to our body for better functioning and building strength. Protein is a macronutrient and is made up of thousands of tiny units called amino acids. That's why it is required to structure and regulate body tissue. 

Our body demands nutrients that can provide energy to do the daily chores. Therefore, consuming high-rich protein foods provides growth, better functionality, and fewer chances of illness. In this blog, you will find great suggestions regarding protein-rich food, which you can include in your diet and improve your fitness as well. Including protein in your food can escalate your metabolism and provide benefits such as better immunity, strength to muscle, reduced blood pressure and maintaining weight.

Below mentioned points have some essential protein-rich foods which you should add to your diet - 

  1. Consume Eggs for a good health

When it comes to food that is filled with nutrients and vitamins, eggs are an eminent source of antioxidants and proteins. It helps in to maintain cholesterol, a lean physique, gives instant energy, and is good for eyesight. 

Maximum Protein: When eaten as boiled or poached 

  1. Start your day with Muesli


You can consume muesli as a good source of protein, vitamins, and fibers. Muesli is a great cereal to start your day as a morning breakfast. Also, the 1 bowl of muesli contains 8 grams of proteins and lots of fiber which make it a good source of added nutrients. 

Maximum Protein: When mixed with the milk 

  1. Protein Powder: A Powerhouse to complete your Diet 
Protein Powder

It is not always that you get enough protein from your food. Protein powder hence becomes a great way to fulfill your protein needs and builds muscle mass, strength, and concentration. We have an immense variety of protein ranges with vital attributes like gluten-free, chemical-free, and vegan friendly. You can try our Protein Pulver and enrich the protein factor in your diet. 

Maximum Protein: When mixed with water or milk.

  1. Don’t skip milk for strong bones  

Milk is a good source of protein for babies and adults. It also includes potassium, vitamin d, and calcium which produce powerful antioxidants. Plus, it delivers two types of protein: casein and whey protein, which are beneficial for our body and brain. 

Maximum Protein: When drank in its original form, not flavored.

  1. Lentils: A wholesome food 

Lentils are one of the most highly consumed food in the parts of Asia, Europe, and North Africa. It is always an overlooked ingredient but contains most essential vitamins and minerals like zinc, magnesium, vitamin b, and lots of fibers. This healthy food contains 9 grams of protein with 100 grams of cooked lentils which aids in maintaining cholesterol levels, prevents constipation, and lowers high blood pressure.

Maximum Protein: When it is cooked on low flame. 

  1. Incorporate dry fruits into your diet

Including dry fruits in your diet can give you a good amount of energy in the form of proteins, good fats, and fibers. Nuts and seeds are believed to be a powerful food ingredient that have the capacity to lower the risk of chronic diseases and also helps in maintaining a good immune system. Following intake of a variety of nuts and seeds can add nutritional value to your body -

  • Peanuts 
  • Almonds 
  • Cashews 
  • Hazelnut 

Note: Do not consume in large amounts

To sum up :

Proteins are essential for our diets for better functioning and regulation. It has an essential role in building the muscles, forming cells, and repairing damaged tissue. Above mentioned rich protein foods have some of the most vital ingredients that introduce variety of health benefits. At First Organic Baby, we have vegan-based, 100% organic, and non-chemical food and lifestyle products for you and your family. Check our superfood range which has an abundance of health gifts.

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