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This is Lebenswert:

With high-quality baby milk foods and baby wholegrain porridge from the best organic farming, Lebenswert bio provides the basis for a wholesome and balanced baby nutrition. Your baby is optimally supplied with breast milk. That is why Lebenswert bio recommends breastfeeding as the best form of infant nutrition.

With the start of the complementary food phase, the new Lebenswert bio range provides you with high quality organic baby food.

Lebenswert organic quality promise

Whenever possible *, all baby milk formulas as well as cereal porridge and jars are produced according to the guidelines of the Bioland Association. All other Lebenswert organic products are certified organic and meet the strict requirements of organic farming.

No chemical-synthetic fertilizers
No additives such as Flavorings, colors or preservatives
Natural compost instead of artificial fertilizer
Animal Welfare
* It is not possible to switch some products to Bioland because Bioland producers only operate in Germany and South Tyrol and the main ingredients (e.g. bananas, rice, mangos) for these products are not grown in these regions.

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