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Maintains delicately and calmed / 93%: helps to calm and reduce skin irritation (consent in a consumer study with 28 subjects, all with sensitive skin, after 4 weeks with twice daily use) "

Weleda sensitive hand cream, 50ml

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Imagine holding your beloved's hand and realizing how delicate and soft it feels. You want to keep it that way for eternity. Let Weleda sensitive hand cream be the enchanting potion that not only nourishes and protects but also enhances the divine beauty of your hands.

Crafted with organic coconut and jojoba oil, this hand cream is designed to provide gentle and soothing care for sensitive hands. The intense moisture this delicate cream provides leaves your skin supple, tender and silky soft, easing the feeling of dryness. What's more, it’s perfume-free, letting your skin embrace only the natural, gentle aroma of the organic ingredients.

Enhance your touch with Weleda sensitive hand cream, the perfect choice for the most delicate part of your body. Experience pure love and a new level of hand care, letting the cream generate the magic of nostalgia, creating memories out of every touch. With just a small amount of this magical potion, let your hands soak in the richness that brings out the natural beauty to create softness that you can feel forever. Try Weleda sensitive hand cream today and experience an unforgettable bond that only your hands can express.

Weleda Sensitive Hand Cream - Nourishing and Gentle Care