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Orange multiple fruit juice with orange mango and maracuja.

6 x Voelkel Fair to Go - Orange Mango Maracuja, 0.25l

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As you venture down the bustling streets, the sweet smell of fresh fruit catches your attention. Suddenly, you spot it - a bottle of Voelkel Fair to Go, filled with the tantalizing flavors of orange, mango and maracuja. The exotic blend dances along your taste buds, as the intense fruitiness and refreshing burst of flavor awakens your senses.

But this is no ordinary beverage. This bottle is filled with raw goods carefully sourced from organic and biodynamic cultivations, certified by the Biofair Association for fair and regional trade. Under Voelkel's seal of "Responsibility for humans and nature", you can be assured that each sip is infused with long-term thinking, sustainable action and social commitment.

Savor every drop and enjoy the international standards for fair trade, sustainable management and highest transparency. With 100% taste of fairs-certified ingredients, Voelkel and Fairsa invite you on a tantalizing journey to discover the sensuous flavors of nature. So go ahead, indulge in a bottle of Voelkel Fair to Go and experience the ultimate in fruity refreshment.

Voelkel Fair to Go - Orange Mango Maracuja Refreshing Organic Beverage