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Beetroot must - from seed -resistant beetroot varieties - fermented milk and ray - rich in potassium & folic acid

6 x Voelkel beetroot must, 0.7l

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Spicy, tasting, milk sail of fermented beetroot must made of seed festivals, particularly aromatic varieties. A vegan enjoyment in the best demeter quality with plenty of valuable potassium and folic acid. We support the independent seed research and the development of post-building varieties. The more powerful seed companies, the more important our use for seed -proof, ecologically produced vegetables from healthy structures. Our beetroot must is rich in potassium and folic acid and covers 15 % of the recommended daily requirement of potassium and 30 µg / 100 ml 15 % of the recommended daily requirement on folic acid. Potassium contributes to maintaining normal blood pressure. To reduce tiredness and fatigue, folic acid contributes. ¹ Milchsauer fermented

Organic Beetroot Must - Nutritious and Spicy Fermented Delight