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Sanotint® hair color sensitive no. 85 copperbl.hell, 125ml

Sanotint® hair color sensitive no. 85 copperbl.hell, 125ml

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As you step into the world of Sanotint®, be captivated by the natural beauty of hair color sensitive no. 85 copperbl.hell. Embrace the luxurious combination of gold dear and herbal extracts, which have been carefully handpicked to create a natural oxidation hair color. With no harsh chemicals such as p-phenylendiamine, paraffins or ammoniac, and without resorcinating the color, you can dye your tresses with ease and comfort, while still maintaining healthy and exquisite hair.

Before anything, let the scent of the herbs enchant you as you conduct a skin detention test. And then, shall we begin? To ensure that the color not only meets but exceeds your expectations, a trial application is always recommended before treating all your glorious strands. And, while you embark on this journey, let an old towel protect your prized garments from any color splashes.

Allow your hair to reveal its natural beauty by washing away all the impurities. A light wash prior to coloring is all that is needed to prepare the canvas for a masterpiece. With the hair towel-dried or dry, mix equal parts of the color tube and fixing agent in Sanotints shell, and effortlessly apply the color mixture with the Sanotint brush provided on the lengths and ends. As you allow the color to take effect for 30 minutes, let your hair be enveloped by a film and an old towel.

And now, the moment you have been waiting for. Rinse the color carefully with lukewarm water, and let the Sanotint color protection shampoo bring out the radiance of the newly colored hair. Treat your hair with the gentle touch of the Sanotint revitalization balm, and bask in the allure of the silky gleam that emanates from each strand.

May the Sanotint® hair color sensitive no. 85 copperbl.hell redefine the beauty of your hair with every application.

Sanotint® Copperbl.hell Hair Color - Natural, Chemical-Free Hair Dye