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Sanotint® hair color No. 03 natural brown, 125ml - firstorganicbaby

Sanotint® hair color No. 03 natural brown, 125ml

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There is something special about finding the perfect hair color. A shade that brings out the best in you, that gives you confidence and makes you feel beautiful. And now, with Sanotint® hair color No. 03 natural brown, you can achieve just that.

Crafted with golden deer extracts and herbal ingredients, Sanotint® hair color is not just a dye, it's a luxurious experience for your tresses. With its natural oxidation formula, it will give your hair a silky gloss and an enviable natural appearance.

Before you dive in, we suggest using a trial to ensure the perfect color match for your hair. Sanotint® makes it easy, allowing you to mix just the right amount for your needs. And, for your peace of mind, we recommend performing a skin patch test beforehand.

For an optimal experience, make sure that your hair is clean and towel-dried before applying the color mixture with the included brush. Allow the color to work its magic for 30 minutes and add on an extra 10 minutes if needed for root touch-ups. And don't worry, we have got you covered with an easy application guide inside the packaging.

After the color has been rinsed off, wash your hair well with Sanotint color protection shampoo, and indulge your gorgeous hair in the Sanotint revitalization balm. Prepare to be amazed as your hair shines with new shades of brown and looks healthier than ever before.

Experience the magic of Sanotint® hair color No. 03 natural brown, and transform your hair into a work of art that will make your heart sing. Capture the hearts of those around you with your newfound vibrance and confidence.

Sanotint® hair color No. 03 natural brown, 125ml