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To protect dental health and to maintain the healthy oral flora, the mouthwell complement the mouthwell without alcohol the holistic oral care with toothbrush and dental floss. With the power of 100 % natural pure essential oils in organic quality, it ensures cleaning of difficult accessible interdental spaces and gives the safe feeling of a long -lasting fresh breath

Primavera Mundwohl mouthwash, 250ml

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Looking for a mouthwash that will keep your oral health in check without harming your delicate oral flora? Say hello to Primavera Mundwohl mouthwash!

This 250ml bottle packs a powerful punch with 100% natural pure essential oils in organic quality. It's perfect for those who prefer a mouthwash without alcohol, and can be used daily after brushing your teeth for the ultimate oral care experience.

The integrated dosing attachment makes it super easy to use. Just give the bottle a gentle squeeze until it's filled to the right mark, and rinse for 30 seconds for a long-lasting fresh breath. And with its ability to clean difficult-to-reach interdental spaces, Primavera Mundwohl ensures your mouth stays sparkling clean all day long.

So why choose a harsh mouthwash when you can enjoy the gentle yet effective benefits of Primavera Mundwohl? Give it a try and see the difference for yourself!

Primavera Mundwohl Mouthwash - Natural Oral Care with Essential Oils