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The classic among the salts. Fine -grained sea salt - obtained on the Portuguese Atlantic coast. Suitable for the salt shaker.

6 x Naturata Atlantic sea salt, fine, 500g

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Looking for a natural alternative to refined table salt? Look no further than Naturata Atlantic sea salt! This classic fine-grained sea salt is obtained from the pristine waters of the Portuguese Atlantic coast.

What sets Naturata Atlantic sea salt apart is its natural and unrefined qualities. Unlike ordinary table salt, this salt is not bleached or processed with harmful chemicals. And it has a high degree of drying, which means it won't clump or require anti-clumping agents.

In fact, Naturata is committed to preserving the environment in every aspect of their business. That's why they've partnered with MyClimate to compensate for all CO2 emissions that arise from the production and transportation of this product.

And because sea salt is not regulated by the EC Bio Ordinance, it's not possible to obtain organic certification. But rest assured, Naturata Atlantic sea salt is as natural as it gets.

Order now and delve into the authentic taste of the sea! Whether you're using it to season your favorite dishes or to refill your salt shaker, Naturata Atlantic sea salt is sure to impress. So why settle for ordinary table salt when you can have the natural goodness of Naturata Atlantic sea salt?

6 x Naturata Atlantic sea salt, fine, 500g