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Organic papaya cores + Carica Papaya L. + from controlled organic cultivation + lactose-free, gluten-free + raw food + vegan

Health & Life Vitaldoc® Bio Papaya cores, 30g

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Introducing Health & Life Vitaldoc® Bio Papaya Cores, the perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle routine. These organic papaya cores are sourced from controlled organic cultivation, making them free from lactose and gluten, and are a great source of essential enzymes and fiber.

Known for their pepper-like appearance, the dried papaya cores contain vital nutrients such as the enzyme papain and Carpain. Papain is a crucial enzyme that forms the amino acid arginine, which the human body cannot produce on its own. Consuming these kernels can help to promote good digestion, fresh breath and offer a range of other health benefits.

Our product is strictly produced according to the highest quality standards, ensuring it is always fresh and of the best quality. However, please note that the kernels are not suitable for women during pregnancy and small children. Please see the information provided on the packaging for more details.

To incorporate Health & Life Vitaldoc® Bio Papaya Cores into your daily diet, simply chew six kernels 2-3 times a day and drink plenty of water. The kernels are also ideal for using in a pepper mill for a fresh and delicious seasoning.

Invest in your health and try Health & Life Vitaldoc® Bio Papaya Cores today - you won't be disappointed.

Health & Life Vitaldoc® Bio Papaya cores, 30g