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This whole grain bread is unique. The high proportion of fresh spelled gold seedlings makes it particularly balanced. Two slices of E'Sener spelled bread cover 95% of the daily requirement of folic acid (analysis/ April 2011). As a source of energy, the seedling reduces the phytic acid it contains and thus makes the nutrients bound to it easily available. We only use original varieties that are not crossed with wheat. Awarded with the Innovation Award Bio-Food Processing 2005

Härdtner specialties of Esener Speltbrot, 500g

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Introducing Härdtner e'sener Spelled Bread - the ultimate powerhouse of nutrition that will leave you feeling satisfied and healthy! This extraordinary whole grain bread is specially crafted with a high proportion of fresh spelled gold seedlings to provide you with a perfect balance of goodness and taste.

Did you know that just two slices of this incredible bread can fulfill an astounding 95% of your daily folic acid requirement? It's true! We have the analysis to prove it, conducted on April 5, 2011. Härdtner e'sener Spelled Bread is truly an exceptional source of this essential nutrient, ensuring you get what you need to thrive.

One thing that sets this bread apart is its remarkable energy-boosting properties derived from sprouted spelled seedlings. Through our unique process, we've managed to reduce the phytic acid content, allowing vital nutrients to be more easily absorbed by your body. This means you get the full benefits of the nourishment packed in each slice.

When it comes to the ingredients, we don't compromise. Each loaf is carefully made with fresh sprouted spelled and natural sourdough, along with water, rock salt, and yeast. The result? A bread that not only tastes incredible but also provides you with the wholesome goodness you deserve.

Make Härdtner e'sener Spelled Bread a part of your daily routine and let its extraordinary blend of taste and nutrition elevate your well-being. With every bite, you'll experience the perfect harmony of flavors and the incredible benefits of this nourishing bread. Embrace the power of Härdtner e'sener Spelled Bread and experience a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Härdtner specialties of Esener Speltbrot, 500g