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With increased iron requirement for energy and performance with well-available iron, B vitamins and folic acid for less fatigue

Floradix® Floradix®eisenfolsfechare 126 TBL, 63G

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So that our organism can perform its full performance, it needs enough iron. With the help of the iron, the blood pigment hemoglobin is built up. This supports the red blood cells in supplying the body cells with oxygen. Folic acid is particularly important for the desire to have children and in pregnancy, since folic acid (folate) contributes to the growth of the maternal tissue. Floradix iron folic acid tablets of salus serve the supply with very well-available two-fledged iron, cover the daily need for folic acid and contain further B vitamins and vitamin C for better iron absorption. Made of spinach leaves, nettle leaves, fennel fruits, carrot roots, thousand bushes), iron gluconate, rice strength, covering agent hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, rose-to-halt drying (4 %), L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), Separating agent microcrystalline Cellulosis, dye. Feeding acids, food acids), nicotinamide, coloring food (from apple, black currant and radish concentrate), coating agent (hydroxypropylcellulose, isomalt), pyridoxinhydrochloride, thiaminhydrochloride (vitamin B1), vitamalamoMin B2) ), Pteroylmonoglutam Inic acid (folic acid), thickener rubber arabicum.

Floradix® Iron Folic Acid Tablets - Boost Energy and Vitality