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The ecover washing powder concentrate color protects your colors so perfectly that you could wash a rainbow. Dilated from coloring and ensures radiant colors after washing. The plant and mineral-based recipe knows no mercy with dirt and stains even at 30 degrees, but is still gentle on sensitive skin.

Ecover washing powder color, 40 WL, 3kg

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Introducing Ecover Washing Powder Color - the ultimate solution for bright and beautiful laundry while taking care of Mother Earth. This 3kg box is packed with 40 WL of powerful plant-based cleaning agents that will leave your clothes looking and feeling as good as new.
At Ecover, sustainability and environmental protection are of the utmost importance. All ingredients used in this washing powder are fully biodegradable, making it perfect for conscious consumers who care about the planet. The product is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and is vegan-friendly.
The gentle lavender scent of this washing powder is also derived from natural ingredients, creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere every time you do laundry. Plus, the cardboard packaging is made from at least 85% recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly option for your home.
This washing powder is suitable for use at temperatures between 30 and 60°C and can even be used for cooking laundry. It includes enzymes for deep cleaning, but it's not suitable for wool and silk.
So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Ecover Washing Powder Color and experience clean and fresh laundry while doing your part for the environment. Don't forget to email us for a free dosing aid to make laundry day even easier!

Ecover washing powder color, 40 WL, 3kg