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Dr. Niedermaier Regulatpro Hyaluron, 350ml

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Discover the incredible power of the Regulatpro® Hyaluron Beauty Drink - your secret weapon in the fight against aging! No longer do you need to rely solely on creams; now, you can literally drink your way to gorgeous, youthful-looking skin. This vegan beauty elixir works wonders on your skin, hair, nails, and even your connective tissue, leaving you looking and feeling absolutely radiant. With just one bottle a day, you can experience the transformative effects of this amazing beverage.

What makes Regulatpro® Hyaluron stand out from the crowd is its unique formulation. It harnesses the power of a carefully crafted, cascade fermented concentrate derived from fresh fruits and vegetables, ensuring maximum potency. This fabulous elixir is enriched with menthol extract, hyaluronic acid, zinc, and copper - the perfect combination to nourish your skin and revitalize your appearance. Say hello to glowing skin, strong nails, luscious hair, and toned, firm connective tissue. Regulatpro® Hyaluron truly delivers it all, allowing you to embrace a more youthful, vibrant you.

Now, you might be wondering how to incorporate Regulatpro® Hyaluron into your daily routine. Well, fret not! It's super easy. Each morning, simply take 20 ml of undiluted Regulatpro® Hyaluron and hold it in your mouth for a moment before swallowing. If you have a sensitive stomach or intestines, you can dilute this beauty drink in a glass of water. Flexibility at its finest - catering to your individual needs.

Let's dive a little deeper into the powerhouse ingredients packed inside every bottle. Regulatpro® Hyaluron boasts a refreshing blend of water and cascade fermented concentrate, featuring a variety of delicious fruits and veggies like lemons, dates, figs, walnuts, soybeans, coconuts, onions, celery, soy prosses, acerola extract (providing 17.5% vitamin C), artichokes, peas, millet, and turmeric. But wait, there's more! This incredible elixir also contains plum and pear concentrates to further enhance its nourishing properties. And as if that weren't enough, essential minerals like zinc gluconate and copper sulfate are expertly blended in, along with hyaluronic acid.

So, don't just dream of youthful, glowing skin - make it a reality with Regulatpro® Hyaluron Beauty Drink. Unlock the secret to timeless beauty and embrace a more radiant you.

Dr. Niedermaier Regulatpro Hyaluron, 350ml