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Oil pulling has a centuries -old tradition in different regions of the world. We have combined with Fresh & Fruity the knowledge of several approaches: For example, sunflower oil in Eastern Europe and sesame oil are considered to be traditional oils in Asian regions. We complemented our mouthpiece oil by essential essences: mandarins, mint, ginger, turmeric and craused seminance

Bio Planète Fresh & Fruity Oral well-oil treatment BIO, 250ml

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Introducing Bio Planète's Fresh & Fruity Oral well-oil treatment, the perfect solution for a refreshing start to your day! This product is rooted in the centuries-old tradition of oil pulling, now enhanced with a mouth-watering blend of sunflower and sesame oils to boost your oral health.

To use, simply shake the bottle and take a tablespoon (10 ml) of our oil pull cure every morning on an empty stomach. Then, pull, sip and chew for 3-5 minutes before spitting it out and rinsing your mouth with clear water. Finally, brush your teeth as usual.

Bio Planète Fresh & Fruity combines the power of oral care with a delicious taste that leaves you feeling revitalized. Don't hesitate to try it and upgrade your morning routine today. With this product, you're getting the best of both worlds: a natural and effective solution that is enjoyable to use.

Put your oral health first and indulge in Bio Planète's Fresh & Fruity Oral well-oil treatment. Order yours now and experience the benefits for yourself!

Bio Planète Fresh & Fruity Oral Well-Oil Treatment - Boost Oral Health