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Organic dietary supplements with natural polyphenols made of aronia powder with vitamin C from the Acerolakirsche

Aronia original organic cell protection capsules with aronia and acerola, 120x0.46g

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The dark-violet aroniabean, with its intense color and the sweet and sour-heart taste, is the heart of our versatile product range. Our Aronia products stand not only for high quality, but also for certified biological agriculture in Europe. Selected raw materials and a real connection to regional and European suppliers guarantee short transport routes and sustainable product quality. We want food that also deserve this name and whose taste reflects their naturalness. For this reason, we only process aromatic and carefully selected aronia berries. Whether pure, as an ingredient for smoothies, for baking or cooking - the aronia berry brings more than just color on the plate. The aronia berry in particular contains many polyphenols. These include secondary plant substances and, among other things, give the aronia berry their special color force. The polyphenols, a characteristic ingredient, are in the aronia powder powder for our cell protection capsules. The acerola extract has a high vitamin C content. Together, these two fruits form a strong duo of secondary plant substances in the form of polyphenols and vitamin C. A soothing and simple addition to their daily nutrient supply.4 Capsules per day take up with plenty of water. dried aroniabeans*, 6.4% acerola extract*, coat of arms (capsule shell): hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, separating agent: talkum

Aronia Organic Cell Protection Capsules with Aronia and Acerola