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Quite delicious: water, roasted, ground almonds and a pinch of sea salt. This is the whole secret of the Provamel organic almond drink without sugar, which convinces with its pure, creamy-poor taste. It does not require any sugar and therefore offers pleasure without regrets for everyone who value conscious diet. Whether for breakfast with fresh espresso as a delicious almond macchiato or for cooking and baking: this is pure pleasure!

8 x Provamel almond drink without sugar, 1l

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Looking for a delectable, guilt-free beverage to enhance your conscious diet? Provamel's organic almond drink is a must-try! Made with only roasted, ground almonds, water, and a hint of sea salt, this almond drink offers a pure and creamy taste without the need for any added sugar.

This delicious almond drink is perfect for breakfast as a tasty almond macchiato alongside a fresh espresso or for baking and cooking to add a unique twist to your favorite recipes.

Crafted with care and attention to quality, Provamel's almond drink boasts a delightful flavor profile that is sure to impress. What's more, you can trust that you are making a healthy choice for your body and the environment with this organic, sugar-free beverage.

Don't settle for ordinary almond milk. Upgrade to Provamel's delightful organic almond drink without sugar today and indulge in pure, unadulterated pleasure with every sip!

Organic Almond Drink - Sugar-Free, Pure & Creamy Taste