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Breast milk is the most potent diet for a baby and is a well known fact. However, due to some reasons parents do have to turn towards the other alternatives. And in the earnest effort of giving everything best to your baby, you, as a parent, often get confused in all the information you receive from your well wishers. Some suggest giving goat milk powder, some advice cow milk powder and so on.

The state of indecisiveness ends up bothering you the most. So, let’s get you off the hook. Though both, cow milk and goat milk have their own nutritional properties that are provenly healthy to be consumed by your baby, goat milk baby formula is usually preferred by most parents. Why?

Goat’s Milk :The Preferred Choice

When it comes to the molecular composition, goat milk is one of the sources of dairy that shows the most similarity with human milk. Reason being both the milk have small protein and fat molecules which your little baby can easily digest without having certain stomach issues.

For your convenience, we have listed here highly nutritious organic goat milk formulas that are not only healthy for your baby but also easy for you to get. 

  1. Pre Starter Organic Goat Milk Formula
dry milk powder

For your infant to easily consume and digest, here is Hipp Pre starter Baby Milk Powder made from organic goat's milk. This light formula is mild and is perfect for the first 6 months for your baby. It contains ample A2 Beta-Casein Valuable Fiber GOS (Galactooligosaccharides) obtained from Bio Lactose from breast milk. Also, it has DHA-Required by Law for Infant Formula. DHA belongs to the family of omega-3 fatty acids that are responsible for the spedy and healthy development of your baby.. 

  1. Follow-On Organic Goat Milk
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In the next six months (6-12 month old baby), the amount of your baby’s nutritional requirements increases and for fulfilling the increased requirement you can go for Hipp 2 follow on milk. A mild follow on formula for your baby that’s made from organic skimmed goat milk. It is a perfect choice from 6th months to 12 months for your kid. It contains everything your baby needs for healthy growth from DHA- a building block for your baby to Omega 3 fatty acids. It also contains prebiotics that help in your baby’s digestion and have also been found to help in reduction of colic.

  1. Organic Goat's Milk For Children

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With age and time your baby’s nutritional requirements escalate. As your little one grows, it starts requiring more than what it was consuming. So to satisfy the nutritional demand of a 12 month old toddler, here is Hipp’s organic goat milk baby formula for children that contains omega 3 fatty acids that largely contribute to the developmemnt of vision and improves bone health along with other benefits.

Is Milk Enough?

Milk for your baby is the primary need. However, as your baby grows up only milk cannot suffice your baby’s nutritional deficit. Doctors recommend adding some other nutritious food in their diet like veggies and cereal puree would work holistically for your baby’s overall development. Look no further, visit First Organic baby, a place where you’ll get everything organic that your baby and you need.

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