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3 x Schär Baguette, 350g - firstorganicbaby

3 x Schär Baguette, 350g

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Hey there, fellow food lover! Are you ready to wake up to the incredible aroma of freshly baked Schär Baguettes? These mouthwatering delights are created with genuine French expertise to take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey.

Made with the utmost care and using only the finest ingredients, these baguettes are a true labor of love. Picture this: a blend of water, sourdough, rice flour, and soy protein, perfectly balanced with a touch of psyllium, bamboo, and sunflower oil. Together, these ingredients create a delightful symphony of flavors and textures that will transport you straight to the charming streets of Paris.

Imagine biting into the crusty exterior of the baguette, only to discover a soft and chewy interior that bursts with electrifying flavors. Each mouthful is a harmonious combination of a satisfying crunch and a heavenly taste. Trust me, once you try these baguettes, you'll be completely captivated.

Schär Baguettes are the ultimate indulgence, perfect for a delightful breakfast or as a mouthwatering side dish to complement your favorite meal. These baguettes are sure to become your new obsession, bringing the wonder and magic of French cuisine right to your fingertips.

So why wait? Treat yourself to the French lifestyle and elevate your culinary experience to a whole new level with Schär Baguettes. Place your order now and prepare to be enchanted. Bon appétit!

3 x Schär Baguette, 350g