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The rich recipe upholstery your skin intensely with moisture. Tiger grass extract enlivens the skin's own vital functions of mature skin and protects against free radicals. Reduces deep wrinkles, strengthens the skin structure and makes facial contours appear more defined. Your skin feels revitalized, the complexion looks more even and visibly firmer overall. Tip in the morning after cleaning and toning, apply a hazelnut -sized amount to the face, neck and cleavage. Act

Weleda evening primrose consolidating day care, 30ml

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Introducing the Weleda Evening Primrose Consolidating Day Care, the ultimate solution to rejuvenate your skin!
This luxuriously hydrating cream contains evening primrose oil, a potent ingredient known for its nourishing and revitalizing qualities. Infused with all-natural ingredients, it penetrates deep into your skin, leaving you with a radiant, youthful glow.

This day care formula is perfect for those seeking to firm and enrich their skin's texture. The lightweight, non-greasy texture makes it easy to apply in the morning, providing your skin with the essential nutrients and moisture it needs to maintain its natural health and beauty all day long.

What sets the Weleda Evening Primrose Consolidating Day Care apart from other skin care products is its commitment to natural and organic ingredients. The Weleda brand is known for its commitment to using the best natural ingredients available for its products, ensuring that your skin is getting the care it deserves without any harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

Experience the magic of Weleda's Evening Primrose Consolidating Day Care and give your skin the loving care it deserves. Add it to your daily routine and see the difference for yourself!

Weleda evening primrose consolidating day care, 30ml