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For thinning hair

Schoenenberger® Dalio® Serum Cosmos, 50ml

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Imagine the gentle breeze caressing your hair, its soft touch awakening your senses as you stroll through a blooming garden. As you take a deep breath, you feel more alive than ever, ready to seize the day with confidence and grace. Now, imagine experiencing this feeling every day, thanks to Schoenenberger® Dalio® Serum Cosmos.

This exquisite serum was crafted with love in our manufactory near Stuttgart, using only the finest natural ingredients. Its innovative formula is designed to nourish and strengthen even the thinnest of hair, revitalizing your scalp and awakening your senses. High-dose hyaluronic acid, organic caffeine, basil root extract, and Schoenenberger organic ginger juice work in harmony to optimize moisture levels and boost micro-circulation, ensuring that your hair roots are enriched and energized.

With a certified natural cosmetic formula, the Dalio Structure Serum is vegan-friendly and contains our beloved hair care favorite: Schoenenberger organic dandelion juice. This potent serum is perfect for the eco-conscious soul who values quality, purity, and sustainability.

Using the included pipette, you can apply the serum effortlessly to your hair roots, massaging it in with a tender touch. Thanks to its non-greasy formula, the serum dries quickly, leaving no greasy film behind. You can use it several times a day, ensuring maximum hydration for your locks.

With Dalio Structure Serum, you can feel like a reborn goddess every day, with an aura of beauty, confidence, and strength. This serum is not just a product - it's a precious gift of nature, crafted with care and love to enhance your life in every way possible. Visit to learn more about this divine elixir of youth and beauty.

Schoenenberger® Dalio® Serum Cosmos, 50ml