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HiPP UK Comfort Baby Milk Powder from birth, 800g

Hipp UK Comfort Baby Milk Powder from Birth, 800g

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Looking for a baby milk powder that can ease colic and constipation? Look no further than Hipp UK Comfort Baby Milk Powder! This nutritionally complete infant milk is specially developed to help babies manage colic and constipation. And it's suitable for use from birth onwards!

What sets Hipp Comfort Milk apart from standard infant formulas? It's all in the reduced lactose content and hydrolysed protein. And while specialist milks like comfort formulas can't be certified organic, you can be assured that Hipp Comfort Milk is made to strict quality controls and high standards.

Why? Because quality is everything to Hipp. Their fourth-generation family owners personally guarantee every product they make. And they go above and beyond to meet and exceed EU standards in a sustainable way that protects biodiversity.

So, what's in Hipp Comfort Milk? This special formula contains lactose, vegetable oils, starch, and a host of vitamins and minerals crucial for your baby's development. It's easy to digest, and can be used as a sole source of nutrition or incorporated into a varied weaning diet starting from six months.

And with over 120 years of experience in baby nutrition, you know you can trust Hipp to provide the best for your little ones. So why wait? Make the switch to Hipp UK Comfort Baby Milk Powder today!

Hipp UK Comfort Baby Milk Powder from Birth, 800g