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Organic gold flines 500g

7 x Clasen organic gold flinimens, 500g

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Introducing Clasen organic gold flinimens - the perfect addition to your everyday diet. These golden linseeds are full of manganese, phosphorus, and fiber, making them ideal for upgrading breakfast dishes, salads, desserts, and more. With a mildly nutty taste, they are a naturally vegan and gluten-free source of vegetable protein that's both delicious and nutritious.

The manganese and phosphorus present in these linseeds are essential for maintaining healthy bones and contributing to a normal energy metabolism. Manganese also works to protect cells from oxidative stress, giving you an extra reason to add these seeds to your daily diet.

With just one portion of Clasen Bio Goldleleilenamen (25g) per day, you'll be able to reap all these positive health benefits. And the best part? These mild, nutty linseeds can be incorporated into any dish - whether it's your breakfast muesli, your yogurt, or your breakfast bowl.

Made from controlled organic cultivation, these linseeds are truly the gold standard. Please note that they may contain traces of peanuts and other shell fruits (nuts).

Don't miss out on the taste, optical, and nutritional benefits of Clasen organic gold flinimens - order yours today and add an extra boost to your daily diet!

7 x Clasen organic gold flinimens, 500g