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GSE Vitamin B Complex (Bio), 60 Tabl. a 500mg, 30g - firstorganicbaby

GSE vitamin B Complex (organic), 60 tablets A 500mg, 30g

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Vitamin B Complex (Bio), 60 Tabl. A 500Mgvitamin B Complex (Bio) Dietary supplements for supplying B vitamins from guaven, basil, lemon shell extract and the microalge chlorella vitamin B1, B3, B6 and B12 • For a normal function of the nervous system for vitamin B1, B3, B6, B9 and B12 • Wear a normal psychological function for vitamin B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12 • To reduce tiredness and fatigue in vitamin B2, B3 , B5, B6 and B12 • Wear a normal energy metabolism for vitamin B5 • Wearing a normal mental performance with vitamin B6 and B9 • Wearing the immune system of the immune system BeiVitamine and minerals from nature from nature is a completely new one And innovative concept, because so far practically all vitamins and minerals that are used for nutritional supplements have been manufactured by complex chemical processes. These micronutrients have long been available in nature, but only now has it been possible to extract them from plants. Chemically produced vitamins and minerals have nothing to do with organic and are often difficult for the human organism, which is why the GSE distribution for its product line Phyto Vitamins only uses plant -based vitamins and minerals. And are often difficult to compatible for the human organism, which is why the GSE sales for its "Phyto vitamins" product line only use plant -based vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin B Complex (Bio), 60 Tabl. a 500mg