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Smoothes and consolidates the skin, absorbs quickly and promotes the elasticity of the skin. Nursing ripe, sensitive skin

Primavera apricot kernel oil organic, 100ml

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Introducing the Primavera Apricot Kernel Oil Organic, a true gem of skin care! If you are someone who takes great care in maintaining healthy skin, then this elixir is perfect for your routine. Crafted with exceptional care and precision, this oil offers gentle, quick-absorbing nourishment that keeps your skin glowing and elastic throughout the day.

Suitable for all skin types, this delightful product offers a spa-like experience that can be enhanced by mixing it with other essential oils to create your signature aromatherapy blend, adding an extra touch of indulgence.

There's no need to worry about pregnancy or breastfeeding while using this oil, as it is completely safe for both. In fact, it works wonders in preventing pregnancy stretch marks while promoting better absorption of moisture on your skin.

Let your skin shine with the Primavera Apricot Kernel Oil Organic. Whether used on its own or blended with other oils, this product promises to deliver a romantic bliss even to the most discerning of customers. We invite you to indulge yourself by trying the Primavera Apricot Kernel Oil Organic today!

Primavera Apricot Kernel Oil Organic - Nourishing Skincare Elixir