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Real premium quality in a soluble coffee area made of 100 % organically grown Arabica beans: The aromahiliary freezer drying process and the highland coffee used make this product a real premium pleasure from fair trade

GEPA - The Fair Trade Company Bio Café Benita, 100g

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Introducing the exquisite Bio Café Benita, an unrivaled delight from fair trade! The GEPA, driven by social and environmentally friendly trade, sources and procures the finest food, craft, and textiles from partners in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. And now, from the depths of the lush highlands, we present to you an enchanting soluble coffee made from 100% biologically grown Arabica beans.

Every sip of the Bio Café Benita descends you deep into a passionately brewed, fully aromatic instant coffee experience. Its alluring aroma, captivating your senses right from the first whiff, is testimony to the immaculate freeze-drying process imparted to the product. The handpicked Arabica beans, grown with immense care, manufacture a premium quality product with the gentlest of cues of acidity and bitterness.

The Bio Café Benita, brought to you straight from the heart of fair trade, is a true epitome of quality, ethical production, and an explosion of rich coffee flavors. Indulge in the specialty of a fair-trade product that's perfect for your mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Add this precious gem to your coffee collection, and awaken your senses with every sip.

Fair Trade GEPA Bio Café Benita: Exquisite Soluble Arabica Coffee