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Special detergent for sports textiles, membrane textiles, receives breathing activity and protects the membrane. Removes reliable smell of welding.

Almawin Sport + Outdoor, 0.75l

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Looking for an eco-friendly solution to keep your sports gear clean? Look no further than Almawin Sport + Outdoor! Our detergent is made from over 95% recycled plastic from the yellow bin, making it an environmental hero. And it's fully recyclable too! We're serious about our commitment to sustainability, using only biodegradable concentrates made from natural raw materials. Our high-performance formula removes the toughest stains and odors, leaving your clothes smelling fresh and clean. Plus, it protects the functions of your clothing's membrane, so you can continue to enjoy wind protection and breathing activity. Soften your fabric after pollution and water hardness by using our recommended dosing quantities. And with our Green Brand seal of approval, you know you're making a wise, eco-conscious choice. Up your laundry game with Almawin Sport + Outdoor and join the mission to save our planet, one wash at a time. Order now and feel good about your purchase!

Eco-friendly Almawin Sport + Outdoor Detergent: Powerful & Sustainable