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Special cleaner for particularly difficult cleaning tasks. Concentration, loosens adhesives, fats, chewing gum, tar spots, ballpoint scores, and much more from surfaces and from textiles. Fruity orange scent sells unpleasant smells.

Almawin orange oil cleaner, 0.5l

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Looking for an eco-friendly and effective cleaner for your home? Look no further than Almawin orange oil cleaner!

This 0.5L bottle is packed with powerful cleaning capabilities that will leave your home sparkling clean - without harming the environment. Almawin products are eco-certified and made from carefully selected natural raw materials, many of which come from controlled organic cultivation.

Not only is this cleaner gentle on the planet, it's also gentle on your skin. Almawin products are known for their good skin tolerance, making them an excellent choice for households with sensitive skin.

In addition to efficiency and eco-friendliness, Almawin orange oil cleaner is also incredibly versatile. It can be used on all waterproof surfaces, removing lime, rust, and almost all types of household dirt. From kitchen worktops to bathroom sinks, this cleaner will leave everything looking and smelling fresh.

And with its economical dosage, you'll save money while also reducing your environmental impact. So why not give Almawin orange oil cleaner a try? With its powerful cleaning capabilities and eco-friendly formula, it's a cleaning hero you can feel good about using in your home.

Almawin Orange Oil Cleaner - Eco-Friendly and Effective Cleaning Solution