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Surface cleaners for all waterproof and wipid surfaces, floors, kitchen furniture, tiles etc. concentrate. Lemon fragrance.

Almawin household cleaner, 5l

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Looking for an eco-friendly household cleaner that gets the job done while being gentle on your skin? Look no further than Almawin!

This eco-certified concentrate is made with carefully selected natural raw materials of vegetable and mineral origin for excellent cleaning power while maintaining the highest possible skin and environmental compatibility.

Dermatologically tested and proven to be particularly mild on the skin, Almawin is perfect for households with small children or individuals with sensitive skin. But that's not all - Almawin is also committed to sustainability, using recycled packaging and FSC-certified boxes and papers made of waste paper.

Looking for a powerful cleaning solution? Just 500 ml of concentrate can provide up to 50 applications when put in 5 liters of water. Almawin is suitable for all cleaning tasks in the household, whether it's worktops, kitchen furniture, plastic surfaces, window images, or different types of floors.

Don't compromise on effectiveness or sustainability. Almawin is the perfect cleaning solution for those who care about both. Order your 5 liter bottle today and experience the power of natural cleaning!

Almawin Eco-Friendly Household Cleaner - Powerful and Gentle Cleaning Solution