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Almawin Color detergent washes colorful fiber low, ensures permanent color brilliance. It is suitable for textiles from natural, mixed and art fibers of 30 °- 60 ° C. Without enzymes. Fine linden flower fragrance.

Almawin Color, 1.5l

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Looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable way to keep your clothes looking new and vibrant? Almawin Color has got you covered! This powerful laundry detergent is made from natural raw materials from vegetable and mineral origins, making it biodegradable and eco-certified. Not only is Almawin Color good for your clothes, it's also good for the planet! With its special formula, this detergent delivers brilliant and long-lasting colors without relying on harsh chemicals or enzymes.

And the best part? Almawin Color is incredibly convenient and easy to use. With its handy dosing table, you can measure the right amount for each wash with ease. Plus, one 1.5L bottle will last you up to 20 wash loads, making it a cost-effective choice compared to other laundry detergents.

But that's not all. Almawin Color has also been tested for good skin tolerance, so it's suitable for all skin types. Whether you're washing cotton, mixed fabrics, linen or synthetic fibers, this versatile detergent will get the job done.

Say goodbye to pre-washing and hello to sustainable laundry cleaning with Almawin Color! Order now and enjoy the fresh, clean scent of linden flower while taking a small step towards a greener future. Your clothes will thank you, and so will the planet!

Eco-friendly Almawin Color: Brilliant, Long-lasting Colors, Sustainable Laundry Detergent