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Organic plant juice tin herb volume foam for fine hair

Schoenenberger® Dalio® Volume Foam Cosmos, 150ml

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Looking for a hair styling product that can give you volume and hold all day long? Look no further than Schoenenberger® Dalio® Volume Foam Cosmos!

Our specially crafted foam is made from a unique blend of rice protein, organic beer, and Schoenenberger tin candy juice to give your hair the volume and structure it deserves. And the best part? Our Volume Foam is certified natural cosmetics, so you can use it with confidence.

What makes our Volume Foam even more special is that it's made in our manufactory near Stuttgart, ensuring that we maintain the highest quality standards for our customers. Plus, all Dalio products are vegan and contain our hair care favorite, Schoenenberger organic dandelion juice.

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To use the Volume Foam, simply apply it to wet or dry hair and distribute it evenly. Then, just knead and go - no rinsing required! So why wait? Experience the magic of Schoenenberger® Dalio® Volume Foam Cosmos today and get the volume and hold that you've been dreaming of!

Schoenenberger® Dalio® Volume Foam Cosmos, 150ml