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Organic plant juice ginger structure flushing for thinner hair

Schoenenberger® DALIO® Setup rinse Cosmos, 150ml

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Introducing the ultimate secret to magnificent hair - Schoenenberger® DALIO® Setup rinse Cosmos, a true gift from nature crafted with love and precision at our manufactory near Stuttgart.

Let yourself indulge in the natural goodness of high-quality argan oil and vegetable protein, carefully blended to create a formula that nourishes and maintains even the most stressed and delicate hair, leaving it feeling stronger and looking dazzling.

Certified as natural cosmetics, our DALIO® Setup rinse Cosmos is a true testament to our commitment to your hair's health and wellbeing. Infused with our hair care favorite, Schoenenberger organic dandelion juice, this product is a luxurious experience you cannot afford to miss.

Our vegan-friendly DALIO® Setup rinse Cosmos is just what you need to attain salon-worthy locks at the comfort of your home. The rinse noticeably improves combability, adds a lustrous shine, and leaves you feeling completely revived.

Experience the power of DALIO® for yourself and avail of our complete hair care line, including the coveted DALIO® structure shampoo and serum. Visit our website,, and dare to transform your hair care routine!

Unlock the secret to breathtaking hair with Schoenenberger® DALIO® Setup rinse Cosmos today. Your hair deserves nothing less than the best, and with DALIO®, you're right on the mark.

Schoenenberger® DALIO® Setup rinse Cosmos, 150ml