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Sanotint® hair color sensitive no. 73 natural brown, 125ml - firstorganicbaby

Sanotint® hair color sensitive no. 73 natural brown, 125ml

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Indulge in the richness of nature with Sanotint® Hair Color Sensitive No. 73 Natural Brown. Infused with the goodness of gold deer and herbal extracts, this natural oxidation hair color is a true testament to the untamed beauty of the wilderness.

With a formula that eschews harmful chemicals like p-phenylendiamine, paraffins, and ammoniac, this hair color is gentle on your tresses and your senses. Care and color come hand in hand, as the precious extracts lend your locks a silky finish that radiates natural vitality and gloss.

But before you venture into this journey of beauty, it's important to be prepared. Test the waters with a trial, and have an old towel at the ready to protect your clothes from any errant splashes. Give your hair a quick rinse if it's heavily soiled, greasy, or laden with styling products, and then let Sanotint work its magic on towel-dried tresses.

Take a deep breath, and mix the color tube and fixing agent in equal parts. Don the gloves and use the Sanotint brush to apply the mixture, relishing in the simple pleasures of this act of self-care. Let the color permeate for 30 minutes, or 20 minutes if it is a touch-up, before applying to the lengths and tips for another 10 minutes.

Settle in for the waiting game, and let the color seep into your strands. Maybe curl up with a good book, or watch the world go by outside your window. When the time is up, rinse and wash with lukewarm water and Sanotint color protection shampoo, and give your hair a final boost with Sanotint revitalization balm.

Allow yourself a moment to admire your new shade, the vibrance that only nature can give. An ode to the wonders of the wild, Sanotint Hair Color Sensitive is your partner in your journey to celebrate your natural beauty.

Sanotint® hair color sensitive no. 73 natural brown, 125ml