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Sanotint® Hair color No. 12 Goldblond, 125ml - firstorganicbaby

Sanotint® Hair color No. 12 Goldblond, 125ml

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Sanotint® Hair Color No. 12 Goldblond is the epitome of love's warmth, with its delicate blend of gold deer and herbal extracts that lovingly care for your hair. This natural oxidation hair color not only gives your hair a natural appearance but also a silky gloss that will make your heart skip a beat.

Before using this enchanting elixir, perform a small trial to ensure that it's the perfect match for your heart's desire. Each strand of hair has its own unique structure and reacts differently to colors, so it's essential to be cautious. Sanotint® makes it easy to mix the perfect shade tailored to your desires.

Take a moment to prepare yourself for this heartwarming experience. Drape yourself in an old towel to keep your clothing safe from any splashes of love. If your hair is heavily dirty, greasy or has styling products, it's essential to have it washed before coloring. After a gentle shampoo, apply the color to your hair using the Sanotint® brush.

Let this magnificent creation work its magic on your hair for 30 minutes, and if you are touching up roots, 20 minutes should suffice. Add the color mixture to the lengths and tips, extending the time by a further 10 magical minutes. Fall deeper in love with your hair by covering it with a film and an old towel while the intoxicating color takes hold.

As the spellbinding color rests, take the time to listen to your heart's desires. Once you feel ready, rinse the color carefully with lukewarm water, and then bask in the soft glow of your newly-colored hair. Let Sanotint® lavish even more love on your hair with its revitalization balm that adds brilliance, shine, and effortless combability. Let it remain in your hair or washed away like a hair treatment, showing your locks the love they deserve.

Give in to the warm embrace of Sanotint® Hair Color No. 12 Goldblond, and let the love affair with your hair begin.

Sanotint® Hair color No. 12 Goldblond, 125ml