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With gold brain. Protection lotion with gloss effect, for more care, volume and hold. For every hair type.

Sanotint® hair care Olio Non Olio, 200ml

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Indulge your locks in a delicate love story with Sanotint® hair care Olio Non Olio. This sensual lotion, enriched with the essence of the majestic gold deer, entwines its goodness with your hair, whispering promises of renewed vitality, exquisite sheen, and feather-light hold.

Allow this mystical potion to serenade your tresses, gifting them with a veil of sun protection that shields against brutal rays, delivering an alluring brilliance that continues to sing for weeks.

Every hair type is cherished by this enchanting elixir, but it holds a special affection for tender and weakened strands. Place a small quantity in your hands and let the magic weave through them, captivating every strand.

With gentle application, watch as your hair comes alive, moving with an ethereal grace, as Olio Non Olio creates a symphony to be desired. Be charmed by its non-greasy formula; feel its pliant hold lend structure and definition to every coiffure. Trust us, every strand will be enraptured.

Set your hair free to dance in the breeze, as you embrace your new love, Sanotint® hair care Olio Non Olio. Live your own romantic story with an exceptional product that is sure to leave you spellbound.

Sanotint® hair care Olio Non Olio, 200ml