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Makes coughing down in the event of colds

Salus® bronchial tea herbal tea No. 8, 85g

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Introducing Salus® bronchial tea, the traditional vegetable drug that has been used for centuries to support the mucus solution in the respiratory system. This herbal tea, considered a go-to for easing discomfort during cold and flu season, is a natural solution for those seeking relief.

Our 85g medicinal tea contains a carefully selected combination of active ingredients, including bitter fell fruits, thyme, linden blossoms, bird knot, Icelandic moss, cowslip flowers, white deaf-nettle flowers, and wool blossoms. Each of these natural components has been chosen for their therapeutic properties and their ability to support overall respiratory health.

Salus® herbal tea is vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, making it an excellent choice for those with dietary restrictions or concerns. Our commitment to providing a premium product extends to our use of only the highest quality ingredients.

Indulge yourself in the smooth, aromatic flavor of our Salus® bronchial tea, knowing that you are taking the first step towards optimal respiratory health. With the added benefit of raspberry leaves, this tea is full of flavors that will keep you feeling refreshed and invigorated with each sip.

Experience the power of natural ingredients and the comfort they bring with Salus® bronchial tea herbal tea No. 8.

Salus® bronchial tea herbal tea No. 8, 85g