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Steevia® Fluid + Liquid Tafelsöße + based on steviolglycosides from the stevia plant + calorie -free + without alcohol

Health & Life Vitaldoc® Steevia® Fluid, 50ml

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Introducing Health & Life Vitaldoc® Steevia® Fluid! Get ready to experience the perfect sweetness without any worries about calories. This amazing product is made from the extract of the Stevia plant and provides all the sweetness you crave, without any of the harmful side effects of sugar.

We take great pride in ensuring our products are of the highest quality. Our Steevia® Fluid is made according to strict guidelines, continuously checked, and always leaves our house fresh and in the best quality. So, you can trust us to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Only two drops of this liquid sweetener is all you need to replace an entire teaspoon of sugar! Each drop contains steviolglycosides, a natural sweetener that is calorie-free, making it perfect for those who want to lead a healthy life.

Our Steevia® Fluid is also alcohol-free and fortified with liquid Tafelsüt for added benefits. Plus, it comes in an easy-to-use 50ml bottle, making it easy to carry on the go.

Don't compromise on taste or health. Choose Health & Life Vitaldoc® Steevia® Fluid for a guilt-free indulgence. Try it today and thank us later!

Health & Life Vitaldoc® Steevia® Fluid, 50ml