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Peanut cream with peanut pieces Our peanut cream is made from freshly roasted peanuts. Wonderfully nutty and pleasantly sweet in taste. Try it! Vegan sweetened exclusively with original sweetness gluten-free yeast free yeast-free lactose-free protein source rich in unsaturated fatty acids with over 90 % roasted peanuts particularly creamy consistency also for refinement from desserts as well as for baking and cooking ideal

Granovita peanut butter, 350g

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Are you on the hunt for a food that can satisfy your taste buds and your heart? Look no further than Granovita's peanut butter with peanut pieces, a heavenly spread that's sure to woo you with its delicious flavors and healthy ingredients.

Crafted from the purest, freshest roasted peanuts, this peanut butter is a symphony of flavors that will tempt you with its nutty essence and delicate sweetness. With ground plant juice made of sugar cane as its only sweetener, you can indulge in its rich flavors without the guilt.

Not only is this peanut butter a delicious treat for your palate, but it's also a nutrient-dense addition to your diet. High in unsaturated fatty acids and protein, it provides a wholesome source of nutrition that's free of gluten, soy, yeast, and lactose.

With its creamy consistency and crunchy peanut bits, this peanut butter is a versatile delight that you can spread on toast, blend in smoothies, or savor on its own. And with its ability to elevate your baking and cooking creations, it's a true love letter to your culinary skills.

So don't settle for bland and ordinary when you can fall in love with the unmistakable taste and health benefits of Granovita's peanut butter with peanut pieces. Order yours today and let it inspire you to new heights of culinary romance.

Granovita peanut butter, 350g