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Brightly clean laundry - and without environmental damage: with the Biobaula Okö full washing -up tab. Suitable for white and colored textiles, except wool, fine and silk (shortworm programs). With active oxygen for an even better washing force and against ingrading the laundry. Place the tab directly in a single sock or a laundry bag and put it in the drum with the laundry. With very dirty laundry, we recommend washing with core soap. Please note the

Biobaula Wasch-Tabs, 19s

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Introducing Biobaula Wasch-Tabs, the eco-friendly solution to bright and clean laundry! Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and environmental damage with these powerful washing tabs. Not only are they suitable for both white and colored textiles (excluding wool, fine, and silk), they also contain active oxygen to combat ingrained dirt and stains.

Simply pop the tab directly into a single sock or laundry bag and place it in the drum with your laundry. For extra dirty clothes, we recommend washing with core soap. And the best part? There are no harmful residues left behind, making it safe for households with animals.

But that's not all - Biobaula Wasch-Tabs are also free of plastic and microplastics, vegan-friendly, and biodegradable. You no longer have to compromise between effectiveness and sustainability.

One tab is suitable for 6-8 kilos of laundry - use the entire tab for optimal washing results. Please remember to follow the care and cleaning instructions of the textile manufacturers.

Upgrade your laundry routine with Biobaula Wasch-Tabs - the eco-friendly and effective choice for a brighter, cleaner wardrobe.

Biobaula Wasch-Tabs, 19s