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The BioBaula dishwashing tab cleans your dishes hygienic and perfectly - without an unnecessary load of our water! For a clean ecological balance. Packed loose, vegan, plastic and microplasty-free, with exclusively natural surfactants. Please use the Biobaula dishwasher tabs in combination with dishwasher salt and pluser.

Biobaula dishwasher-tabs, 19s

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Introducing the BioBaula dishwasher tabs - your perfect choice for clean and hygienic dishes that also promote an eco-friendly lifestyle! With these all-natural dishwashing tabs, you can say goodbye to harsh chemicals and artificial surfactants.

Our BioBaula tabs are packed loose and are completely vegan, plastic-free and microplastic-free. Plus, they leave behind zero residue, making them perfect for use in any household.

To use, simply place one tab in the dosing chamber of your dishwasher, along with some dishwasher salt and clarifier. For tough stains and heavily soiled dishes, use two tabs. And for best results, place silver cutlery separately from other metal cutlery.

But the benefits of using these dishwasher tabs extend far beyond just clean dishes. By choosing BioBaula, you're also doing your part to promote a healthy planet - one without excess water waste or harmful chemicals in our water systems.

So don't compromise on clean dishes or your commitment to the environment. Choose BioBaula dishwasher tabs and experience the best of both worlds!

Biobaula dishwasher-tabs, 19s