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The allos organic mountain honey is a creamy-aromatic honey from South America. The diverse, Mediterranean Wild Flora gives this creamy golden brown honey its full -bodied taste.

Allos mountain honey, 500g

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Hey there honey lovers! Are you ready for a sweet treat that's not only delicious, but also packed with valuable nutrients? Look no further than Allos organic mountain honey!

Our honey is a natural candy, with a large variety of flavors to choose from. Unlike boring old household sugar, honey is rich in important ingredients that your body needs for its metabolism. Plus, it's been created the same way for millions of years, making it one of the most original sweeteners around.

At Allos, we're crazy about honey - it was one of our first ever products! And we've been busy perfecting our honey range ever since. Whether you're after a tasty spread for your toast or to sweeten your hot drink, or whether you're a keen baker looking for a versatile ingredient, we've got you covered.

Our organic mountain honey is creamy and aromatic, sourced all the way from South America. You'll love its full-bodied taste, thanks to the diverse Mediterranean Wild Flora. Just be sure to note that like all raw foods, our honey isn't suitable for babies under 12 months.

So go ahead and indulge in a jar of Allos organic mountain honey today. Your taste buds - and your body - will thank you!

Allos mountain honey, 500g