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Honey. Golden yellow gods. Most natural candy. Large variety of flavors. The process of creation of the honey has not changed for millions of years, so that one can rightly speak of the most original of all sweeteners and spreads. In contrast to the "empty energy source" household sugar, honey is rich in valuable ingredients that the body needs for its metabolism. We at allos love honey - actually always, because it was one of our first products

Allos lavender blossom honey, 500g

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Hey there sweet tooth!

Looking for something deliciously natural to satisfy your cravings? Look no further than Allos Lavender Blossom Honey! Honey has been around for millions of years and offers an original sweetness unlike anything else. And unlike empty household sugar, honey is packed full of valuable ingredients that your body needs for metabolism.

Allos has been in the honey game for a long time, and we’ve got the tastiest spreads, coffee add-ins, baking and cooking ingredients you’ll find anywhere. Our Lavender Blossom Honey is extra special - it’s got a unique floral taste that will transport you to the lavender fields of France.

Something to keep in mind: Like other raw foods, honey isn’t recommended for infants under 12 months. So rest assured that this honey is just for you!

Experience the rich, golden taste of Allos Lavender Blossom Honey today.

Allos lavender blossom honey, 500g