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Zwemoulade - Behind this name is a herbal alternative to classic remoulade. Instead of egg, the cream is prepared based on organic soy and and organic heritals. Zwemoulade is creamy and slightly frank. The light herbal note and the spice cucumber as well as fine spice give it the typical remoulade character. To choose from we have the 230ml glass or the 200ml tube. Also highly recommended - Dwargannaise, our herbal alternative to classic mayonnaise.

3 x Zwergenwiese Zwemoulade, 200ml

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Vegan organic herbal cream in the tube. On the basis of organic soy and organic pea. To hot dogs, salads, sandwiches, as a dip, on bread and for individual self -creations. Sunflower oil* 41 %, water, spice cucumber*, cucumber*, brandy vinegar *, Beet sugar*, sea salt), onions*, Rohrohrohzucker*, parsley*3 %, capers*, brandy vinegar*, pea -ieiß*, soybean egg*, stone salt, mustard*(water, mustard grains*, brandy vinegar*, rock salt, lemon juice concentrate*, turmeric*, turmeric*, turmeric* *), Thickener Guarkern meal*, chervil*.

Zwergenwiese Vegan Organic Herbal Cream - 200ml