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Sun -ripened tomatoes from Italy, pepperoni, a light spice and cayenne pepper - a fiery sharp adventure come to the organic tomato sauce arrabbiata! Our other varieties in the 330/340ml glass, from classically mild flavored to fiery sharp and two tomato sauces for children, will inspire you.

3 x Zwergenwiese tomato sauce arrabbiata, 340ml

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In the picturesque countryside of Italy, nestled beneath the golden sun, plump and juicy tomatoes bask in the warm embrace of the earth. From their fruitful bounty, Zwergenwiese has crafted a tantalizing sauce that will ignite your senses - the Tomato Sauce Arrabbiata. A symphony of natural and organic ingredients, this vegan masterpiece is bursting with flavor and excitement, sure to elevate your favorite pasta dishes or tantalize your taste buds atop a freshly-baked pizza. The fragrant onions and fiery pepperoni, lovingly combined with tomato paste and a kiss of cayenne pepper, create a delightful balance of heat and flavor that will have you singing the praises of the Italian countryside. Whether drizzled over ciabatta bread or used as a base for your own culinary creations, this sauce will transport you to a world of passion and flavor. Indulge in the luscious taste of Italy with every jar of Zwergenwiese Tomato Sauce Arrabbiata.

Zwergenwiese Tomato Sauce Arrabbiata - Authentic Italian Flavors