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Our strokes on it is a particularly creamy and hearty-spicy organic bread spread based on rapeseed oil and sunflower seeds. Each variety is individually refined with valuable organic ingredients, flavored and decreased in an original season. Streaks on mepel loves horseradish with apple - a real delicacy of our strokes on them is available in 160g glass and a small selection as a single portion in the 50g cup.

3 x Zwergenwiese strokes on it, 160g

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Hey there foodies! We just added a new pantry superstar and we can't keep it to ourselves any longer. Say hello to the Zwergenwiese Organic Spread with Horseradish and Apple! Trust us, this stuff will revolutionize your breakfast game and give your sandwiches a flavor boost like never before.

Let's talk about what makes this spread special. First of all, it's vegan and made with organic sunflower seeds from Germany - so you know it's good for you and the planet. But let's get to the good stuff: the flavor. A unique blend of horseradish and apple comes together in perfect harmony to create a sweet and spicy taste explosion. The added plantic apples bring a refreshing sweetness while the kick of horseradish adds a zesty zing.

But wait, there's more! This spread isn't just for toast and sandwiches (although it's amazing on both). You can use it as a versatile cooking ingredient too! Seriously, it will take your favorite dishes up a notch. And with a focus on sustainable sourcing, you can feel good about your purchase.

Each 160g stroke of Zwergenwiese Organic Spread with Horseradish and Apple is crafted with only the highest quality ingredients, like rapeseed oil, lemon juice, and brandy vinegar. And let's not forget about the thickener Guarkern flour, which helps give this spread its creamy texture.

Are you ready to upgrade your pantry and take your meals to the next level? We thought so. Order your Zwergenwiese Organic Spread with Horseradish and Apple now and taste the difference of organic, vegan, and delicious spreads!

Zwergenwiese Organic Spread: Horseradish & Apple Vegan Delight