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Organic fruit spread finely seduced, enchants and spoils the sense of taste and that with this wonderfully soft and smooth consistency and the large portion of fruitiness from exquisite organic beries and fruits. Getting on it is very easy - try it, let the spell, enjoy - simply dreamily tasty our fruity, fine row is available in five different flavors and awaits you in a family -friendly 280 g glass.

3 x Zwergenwiese fine sour cherry, 280g

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Fine sour cherry - organic fruit spread, especially fine fruit spread - without pieces, without core tasty to croissants, on bread or rolls, in the dessert or in the yogurt* and for numerous imaginative creations. *as a desired planters' cherries*55 %, beet sugar*, lemon juice concentrate*, gelling agent pectins, thickening agents Tarakern flour*.

Organic Fine Sour Cherry Fruit Spread - No Added Pieces