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Wella Creatine+ Curl N 75 ml

Wella Creatine+ Curl (N) 75 ml

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- Enhances natural curls for beautiful and defined results
- Provides long-lasting bounce and frizz control
- Comes in a convenient 75 ml size for precise application

Wella Creatine+ Curl (N) 75 ml is an advanced curling solution designed to enhance natural curls, providing lasting definition, bounce, and frizz control for effortlessly styled, beautiful curls.
• Advanced curling solution for enhancing natural curls.
• Provides lasting definition, bounce, and frizz control.
• Convenient 75 ml size for precise application.

After shampooing, wrap damp hair in curlers and apply the emulsion. Leave for 5 - 15 minutes without heat. Always check the curl effect during the processing time. Once the desired effect has been achieved, rinse the hair thoroughly and dry it with a towel. Lastly, apply the Creatine + Curl - Neutralizer. Gender: Women Country of origin: Germany Vegan: aqua (water)ammonium thioglycolateammoniumbicarbonateureabutylene glycolcoceth-10ethoxydiglycolpeg-35 castor oilpropylene glycolcreatineparfum (fragrance)panthenolammoniapolyquaternium-6geraniolcitronellolfarnesolhydrolyzed silkphenoxyethanolpotassium sorbatesodium methylparabendisodium edtamethylparabenethylparabenbutylparabenpropylparaben

Wella Creatine+ Curl (N) 75 ml