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Wasserneutral Vanilla conditioner, 1pc-conditioner-Firstorganicbaby-firstorganicbaby

Wassoreutral vanilla conditioner, 1pc

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Wonderfully Smooth Hair Completely Without Compromise: The Solid Conditioner Makes Your Hair Silky Soft and And Easy To Comb. Handmade in France. Plastic Packaging Free. Biodegradable. 100% vegan and natural. Our First Conditioner Has A Delicate Scent of Vanilla and Provides Your Hair With Selected Ingredients with Nutrients That Provide A Silky Shine. The Conditioner is Prepared According to the Cosmos Standard for Certified Natural Cosmetics, and there is even to 47.5% of Organic Ingredients.

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Hair Conditioner for All Hair Types

Carrying after washing directly or with the finger tips, a small amount of solid hair conditioner to your damp hair tips and strands on and rinse your hair out then . To use your conditioner as long as possible, it lay as dry as possible into a soap dish.

Wassoreutral vanilla conditioner, 1pc