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Vegetables composition - 100 % natural cost juice refined with plant juices and herbal sea salt - low -calorie - potassium source

6 x Voelkel vegetables composition, 0.7l

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Indulge in a sensory experience like no other with the 6 x Voelkel vegetables composition. Transport yourself to a verdant garden teeming with life, as you savor the complex flavor profile of this exquisite blend of vegetables. From the first sip, you will be captivated by the subtle sweetness of the carrot juice, tempered by the tangy notes of tomato juice. The sauerkraut juice adds a piquant kick to the mix, while earthy beetroot lends it a seductive depth.

Crafted meticulously from seed-resistant vegetables and infused with a pinch of herbal sea salt, this vegan delight is a testament to our commitment to quality. We only use the freshest, fairest, and most ecologically-sound produce for our vegetable juices. In doing so, we support independent seed research and breeders, such as visionary Christina Henatsch, who strive to preserve and enhance the natural flavors of our crops.

Take a step towards healthy living with this nutrient-rich juice, packed with valuable potassium and other vital nutrients. Be enthralled by its rich red color and savory aroma, and let your taste buds revel in the perfect balance of flavors. Perfect for any occasion, this juice is ideal for those who want to embrace the vitality of nature in every sip.

With a careful blend of tomato juice, sauerkraut juice, carrot juice, beetroot, celery juice, cucumber juice, paprikamark, onion juice, herbal sea salt, lemon juice, and dill juice, this juice is an excellent source of low-fermentation, milksauer goodness. So, raise a glass to good health, and enjoy the magical flavors of nature with the 6 x Voelkel vegetables composition.

6 x Voelkel Vegetable Composition Juice - Nutrient-Rich Vegan Delight