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Sauerkraut juice - folic acid source - low in calories - made of seed -proof white cabbage

6 x Voelkel sauerkraut, 0.7l

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Indulge in the majestic taste of Voelkel sauerkraut juice, the purest gem nature has bestowed on us. Each bottle is a mystical creation of the finest, seed-resistant white cabbage, fermented to perfection with a touch of tranquil sea salt. Immerse yourself in the glowing radiance of this low-calorie elixir, preserved with utmost care to retain its goodness and valuable nutrients.

Our exquisite sauerkraut juice is popular with health enthusiasts seeking a mindful diet and rejuvenating cleanse. Savor it on its own, mix it with your favorite juice, or add it as a refreshing twist to your cocktails. Drinking our sauerkraut juice can inspire and invigorate you with renewed vitality for your day.

We take pride in supporting independent seed research and developing subsequent varieties of the most robust seeds. By producing ecologically grown, seed-proof vegetables for your benefit, we are strengthening our connection with nature.

In each 100ml bottle of our sauerkraut juice, you will receive 18.5 µg of folic acid, a crucial element in reducing fatigue and tiredness. Our low-in-fermentation milksauer adds a depth of flavor that will enchant your senses.

Unleash your health-conscious spirit and embrace the enchantment of Voelkel sauerkraut juice. A natural masterpiece that deserves a place in your heart and your kitchen.

Voelkel Sauerkraut Juice: Pure, Nutrient-Rich Elixir for Health and Vitality